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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Do you know how bad I want to write this whole post in rainbow colors?  Jayme Lorakeet brings out the girlie girl in me.  I have known this amazing designer, my friend for many, many years now.  When I tell you that she is an amazing artist I am not lying!  Look at her stuff for the Arcade!!!  I knew she was prepping and trying to get things done and I messaged her the other day to ask her how she was doing and well..... She was working hard to get this stuff done.  I don't know if you understand what goes into making original mesh from scratch but it is ALOT!  This chick, has come so far and I am honored to be able to show you her abilities and the love that she puts into her work.  You need to have this set as part of your collection because it is perfect!  The Arcade opens 3/1/2015 and it is going to be VERY busy with all of the goodness I have seen going on.  Click HERE for the shopping guide for the newest round.

Pier: .:M.LAW:. Clearwater Small Pier Box
Balloons: A.D.D.Andel! Party Balloon
Rug:  Intrigue Co. - Rainbow Rug
Topiary:*Hearts Topiary* Pink A - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Glitter: Snow Glitter Pink - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Grass: (3prim) HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass01 (g)
Curtains: MudHoney Ruffle Curtains
Roses: Apple Fall Roses Jug

[RAZZBERRY INC] Garden Party! Set (The Arcade-March 2015) Opens at 12AM SLT 3/1
[RI] Sliced Lemons
[RI] Tea Tins
[RI] Sugar Cubes
[RI] Honey
[RI] Cuppys on a String RARE
[RI] Candy Almonds
[RI] Marshie Bars
[RI] Rustic Table RARE
[RI] Rainbow Layer Cake
[RI] Place Setting (Teal)
[RI] Place Setting (Pink)
[RI] Place Setting (Blue)
[RI] Place Setting (Purple)
[RI] Swirly Seat (Blue)
[RI] Swirly Seat (Purple)
[RI] Swirly Seat (Teal)
[RI] Swirly Seat (Pink)
[RI] Kettle
[RI] Dandy Chandy

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