Welcome to Summer

Monday, July 20, 2015

If I were to have a summer party in RL I would want it to include all of these fabulous items but add the wine please!  Summer brings out the fun side of people, the happy side.  Good weather, great food and amazing company.  Late night bonfires with smores, camping in the woods, a day at the beach... all perfect settings in a perfect little summer world.

Jian :: Beaumont Pool Patio
Jian :: Carnival Fun - Bean Toss Game -Wayward Carnival 
Jian :: Carnival Fun - Bobbing for Ducks  -Wayward Carnival 
Jian Derp Desserts :: Derpicorn Cake -Epiphany
Jian Derp Desserts :: Catface Cupcakes (Colorful)  -Epiphany
Jian Derp Desserts :: Rainbow Llama Cookies -Epiphany
Jian Derp Desserts :: Cookies Wow -Epiphany
Jian - Boxwood Shrub (Tall)
Jian - Boxwood Shrub (Small)
Jian - Boxwood Shrub (Hedge)

Luas Boho Summer Star Lights String
*ionic* Forest Bench- Chapter 4
*ionic*  Forest Tree Table-  Chapter 4

 The Hive - Banana Split Bar [Bunting]
Sway's [Tyler] Streamer curtains . neon

+Half-Deer+ Lighted Pathway - Stars - Rainbow
+Half-Deer+ Flower Stringlights - Curved (tex. change)
Sari-Sari - Summer House - Towel Crate
[ keke ] tall bottled flowers - blush- Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] sphere bottled flowers - blue-Shiny Shabby

HAIKEI: Old empty house gacha {4}-Kustom 9

A.D.D.Andel! Party Balloons-Blue-1

=EliBaily= Ivy 02- TMD

Climbing Rose L - White(Ripped apart from a build, not sold separately)
*windsong. { welcome summer plank decor : mixed } /

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