Little Girls, Big Dreams

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My girls in SL are grown but I am sure they would still appreciate a room like this to call their own.  I know I like spending time re-living my childhood in SL because there is just so much cuteness to be had.  I have been tping around doing the work so you don't have to.  Now make sure you run and get all of this fabulousness before its too late!

{vespertine} - reykjavik loft
+Half-Deer+ Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams (High Blinds)
+Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Hearts  - Big Cluster
[BunBun] DayDream - White Mirror- Epiphany
Construct - Colored Luster blue - 2 li
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage - Ivory White
[BunBun] Daydream - White Floorlamp - Epiphany
[BunBun] DayDream - Dreamer's Bed RARE- Epiphany
[BunBun] DayDream - Mint Dresser - Epiphany
[ zerkalo ] All White - Canopy
!gO! Love my doll - Pola
Bad Seed-Jenna
Bad Seed- Ms.Kennedy
Bad Seed- Anabelle's Bunny
[BunBun] DayDream - Pillows - Epiphany
[BunBun] DayDream - Mountains Shelf- Epiphany
[BunBun] DayDream - Study Break- Epiphany
[BunBun] DayDream - Grey Geometric Rug- Epiphany
+Half-Deer+ Coming Up Roses - Garland A (Baby Pink)
Ariskea[Isabelle] Hydrangea botle [White Rosey]
Fawny - the Legend of Unicorns - Decor 1- Season's Story
MudHoney Ruffle Curtains

Jian :: Silly Shibes - Sleepy Pup RARE- Epiphany
JIAN :: Bunny (Animated Sitting)- Season's Story

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