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Friday, April 17, 2015

I don't understand some people and I know I never will but something happened to me the other day and I won't ever forget it.  I understand SL is a virtual world which in essence has no consequences to you if you want to be an asshole.  With that being said I run my business inworld as if I would any other business in RL.  I was a manager in Customer Service for 12 years... I know what its like to be treated like shit and I also know what its like to help people to the best of your abilities.  I am all about making people want to come back and deal with me again.  
Bloggers may understand this but I am going to vent just a bit.  In what world is it okay to give someone no explanation as to why you no longer want to work with them? Just use that little trigger finger and delete them from your group? Do you for a minute care about my well being or do you even care enough to ask?  Why do blogger managers think that they are better than anyone else and they reign power like no other?  I am sorry but as a blogger manager you should engage with your associates and you should treat them with the utmost respect because no one tells us that we have to blog for any event or designer. For some of us... its not just a hand out of free items.  I have said it before and I will say it again.... I blog what I like not what I am made to blog.  If the requirements of being a blogger for your store or event is to blog 3 times every two weeks and no one is sending out items to blog, then how the heck am I suppose to fulfill your request?  This is a two way street and if you are not going to hold up to your bargain then I am certainly not going to hold up to mine.  This leaves the question..... why are people not sending out blogger items in your group?  Hmmmm... maybe because you have your designers and your bloggers in one group and they don't want to give their items out to everyone in that group. There's a thought!  I know it is my thought when I join an event that has blogger support because I don't think its fair that I am giving my product free to every blogger and every designer (active or not) in the group.  I work far too hard in RL and SL to constantly be giving out products to people who don't even blog my items yet I see them wearing my clothing.  Forget that!

I guess what people need to understand is that some of us take things personal, we are human.  Next time think twice about just shutting people out of your group or event because its not a good business practice and I sure as heck hope you are not as heartless in RL as you are in SL.  Keep in mind that SL is just a game but the person behind the avatar is real and not everyone lives with no consequences in SL.  Now on to my outfit because this one is hot!!!!

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Sidney Darktan Nat
Shadow: The Wicked Peach - Eye Makeup - Black Magic@Black Fashion Fair
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Octavia -  light blondes
Polish: The Wicked Peach - Mani/Pedi - Onyx@Black Fashion Fair
Eyes: [Buzz] Moka Eyes - Midnight@ Kustom9
Ring::::LP::: HeyHeart_Ring - Chrome @ Kustom9
Shirt: .Lvl93. Zipper Croptop - White @ Kustom9
Jeans: *Just BECAUSE* Cuffed Jeans -
Shoes: Glamistry - TRILLIUM Heels [PF1018] @ Kustom9

A few notes about some of these amazing items from my sponsors!  These jeans come in Classic Fitted Mesh, Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya versions. The Maitreya version is experimental because the dev kit files haven't been released to creators yet

The makeup and the nail polish comes in several different colors in the pack and they are all fabulous!

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