Feeling a Little Blue

Saturday, July 9, 2016

It has been awhile but I am sorta back for the artistic side of SL.  I miss blogging, I miss being able to self reflect so here goes nothing!  I had fun putting this little room together using a lot of different items around the grid.

tarte. garden pergola RARE
Fancy Decor: Simple Wall Panel- (modified)
Fancy Decor: Crystal Sconce

{iD}CounteR (TilE)
{iD}DrY LeaF (WalL)-MiX01-
{iD}DrY LeaF (StanD)-WhitE01-

Air_Ave ligno_silver large A(Y2.9, Li7)_CM

Apt B // Retro Blues - Rug
[Black Bantam] Broken Wooden Garden Flower Funghi Basket
Glam Affair - Neverland Jewerly Mannequin
Glam Affair - Neverland Birds Grey
Belle Epoque { Countryside Living } #5 White-Chapter 4
Belle Epoque { Countryside Living } #4 Blue- Chapter 4 (modified)
BJK * Swing Horse cyan-Chapter 4
ionic : minimal needs : Ivy Divider- Chapter 4
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Wanderer (Blue Merle)
Apt B // Retro Blues - Plant
Glam Affair - Neverland Slippers

KAZZA - Time Room Set - big wall clock- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - candle chandelier- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - pg armchair- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - Vase- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - candlestick- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - wine- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - blanket and pillow- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - diving dress- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - Guitar M- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - sideboard table- Chapter 4
KAZZA - Time Room Set - mat- Chapter 4

[DDD] Tea Table

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