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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I really love when I get time to blog home and garden items to showcase the amazing work of all different designers. This time I wanted to showcase Token & Tribe.  If you have not yet checked them out you need to do so.  I thought this was a cute little idea.  How nice would it be to grow your own veggies and have a little roadside stand where people could enjoy something that you can offer.  Maybe one day when I am retired and I manage to get a green thumb but today its just my imagination lol.  Hope you enjoy the post! ♥

Shed:  Kalopsia - Garden Shed - Teal @N21
Planters: Token&Tribe- Beaded Spring Planters (Crazy Cat Lady) @N21
Wall Lamp:Token&Tribe- Industrial Wall Lamp (STEEL)@N21
Shelf: Token&Tribe- Tampered Shelf (BLUE)@N21
Bench: junk. old school tube bench. adult.
Crates: [DDD] All-New Produce Crates- We ♥ Roleplay
Birdbath: Jian - Yusri Bird Bath @ The Home Show
Path: Jian :: Beaumont Brick Paths 

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