I'm better off alone....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's true... sometimes we are better off alone.  Sometimes it takes a lot of heartbreak and hurt to figure that out. When you do, and you start to accept it, you can start to grow.  "Do unto others what you want done unto you."  You never ask someone to break your heart but it happens.  Sometimes things are beyond our control in many ways, and things cannot always be changed to accommodate.  Some of us will fight the fight to embrace what we need and want and not put conditions on a friendship or relationship.  Some people cannot cope or deal with the truth so they make up lies to cover it.  When you realize that communication is key and you can express yourself, you can try to overcome things either alone or together.  We get hurt, its life.  I take each and every situation in my life (after a good cry) and think about what I might do differently and how I can grow from here.  Life is what you make of it and you determine who you want to be.  After your moments of sadness the tears run out and you start to smile again.  I think of it as a storm.  After the storm is done being destructive and out of control things start to clear up... things start to dry up and sometimes you see the rainbow.  My storm is almost over and the clouds are starting to clear....Now I just have to see my rainbow, and I will :)

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