It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Sunday, November 29, 2015

So this has got to be the most epic blog post that I have ever done.  Christmas just makes you feel unstoppable when you start decorating and then after when you have to take it down you are like.. What the f*ck was I thinking lol.  Well with so many items listed I am going to list which event they came from (if there is not one listed then the item is from their respectful store) but if I missed anything or if you need store landmarks... hit me up inworld and I will help you out.  Also, you can search for the stores inworld and find a link that way too!  A huge thank you to all of the designers and to my lovely sponsors!!! This display will be up for a few weeks so please feel free to come to my sim and check it out and use it as a backdrop if you desire!  Here is the link to the Feels Like Home sim!  

GOOSE - holliday house- Cosmopolitan
GOOSE - holliday house light string- Cosmopolitan

+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals - Bear- N21
+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals - Dog- N21
+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals - Bunny- N21
+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals - Cat- N21

{anc} glass ornament. pod  9Li (3)Tannenbaum

JIAN '15 Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Swag)Tannenbaum
JIAN  '15 Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Wall)Tannenbaum
JIAN  '15 Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Arch)Tannenbaum

Tool Shed EXT - Twinkle Tree - Rect- WAYWARD

Inside/ Level 1
Cute Poison - Hanging Lights Gold- WAYWARD
hive // vintage laundry basket-Tannenbaum
hive // noel tin train-Tannenbaum
Restoration Coat Rack  ::LISP::
[DDD] Whimsical Umbrella
Kalopsia - Pile of Gifts- Lost & Found
..::ILLI::.. Classic William Shoes- Cosmopolitan
..::ILLI::.. Belleza Becky MID Boots - Tres Chic
REIGN.- Ribbon Flats (Babies) 
Laura Liberty-Christmas Block Wall Decor- Christmas Town 12/1
uK - StiKs Lights_Birch Wood
hive // winter hutch-Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Wooden Snowflake A-Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Wooden Snowflake B-Tannenbaum
"JIM" - Rustic Xmas Tree (decorated)-Tannenbaum
"JIM" - Rustic Xmas Tree (Words)-Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Birch Candles-Tannenbaum (Only 1L)
[ zerkalo ] Letters - Stand - B
cinphul // Gotrik [vertical tree] (modified)- Lost & Found
cinphul // Gotrik [wreath 1B]- Lost & Found
dust bunny . basket table
Laura Liberty-Snowflake Lighted Blue Winter Wreath- Christmas Town 12/1

Apt B // Snuggle Up Logs
PILOT - Bow Parsons Chair [Red] tex change bow
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
floorplan. merry christmas chalkboard
Pixel Mode Stocking - Texture Change RARE
Pixel Mode Stocking - Texture Change RARE
Pixel Mode Stocking - White - A to E
Fancy Decor: Snowflake 3-Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Snowflake 2-Tannenbaum
Spargel & Shine Shabby Elegance Coffee Table
Jian :: Cocoa Tray
JIAN  :: Holiday Serving Cart (Eggnog) Tannenbaum
Silence. - NOEL-Tannenbaum
{anc} NOEL. :  frilled furrug / milk 2Li
DaD DESIGN "Vintage Tub Sofa Christmas Ed." PG- c/m- Lost & Found

Pewpew! Old Santa-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Wood Tree - Big Light-Tannenbaum
[Brixley] naughty list sign-Tannenbaum
Laura Liberty Wooden Christmas Tree Decor - Christmas Town 12/1
Laura Liberty Lighted Reindeer Mesh Decor- Christmas Town 12/1
Laura Liberty Santa Belt Curtain Mesh Valance- Christmas Town 12/1
Laura Liberty Winter Collection Sparkly Snowball Wreath- Christmas Town 12/1
*FT* Wrinkled Rug ~ Country Snowflake

Laura Liberty Pastel Mesh Gifts Presents Winter Collection- Christmas Town 12/1
BALACLAVA!! Star Mobile (Gold)
BALACLAVA!! Star Mobile (Silver)
{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream stripe 2Li
hive // winter hutch table-Tannenbaum
Laura Liberty Winter Collection Silver Poinsettia Flowers- Christmas Town 12/1
JIAN :: Noelle Candle-Tannenbaum
JIAN :: Holiday Paintings-Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (birch)-Tannenbaum

Tree: Everything listed here available at Tannenbaum
Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
Sway's [PineConny] Ornament . aqua
LaGyo_Snowflake - Gold decor
The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Fir Garand White M
The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Twinkle Lights
Kalopsia - Wood Candy Cane - Teal
Kalopsia - Bell Garland - Silver
xin. tree ornament + festive
JIAN  Holiday Critter Baubles :: Snow Pup-Tannenbaum
JIAN  Holiday Critter Baubles :: Squirrel-Tannenbaum
JIAN  Holiday Critter Baubles :: Carved Wooden Cat-Tannenbaum
The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Bulb White Glitter
uK - Birdhouse Ornament Green
MishMish - Bone Ornament
MishMish - Bunny in a box - Golden
MishMish - Bunny in a box - Pastel
{anc} glass ornament. for tree (2) 1Li
Kalopsia - Twigs Star - Dark RARE
The Loft - Christmas Monochrome Tree Skirt

<:*BoOgErS*:> Rex-O-Saurus Green
<:*BoOgErS*:> Firetruck
<:*BoOgErS*:> Number Train
<:*BoOgErS*:> Busy BBs Activity Table
<:*BoOgErS*:> Gift Box 3
<:*BoOgErS*:> Gift Box 10

- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - White-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Standing - Brown-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Silver Rocking Horse - Light Wood-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Blocks - Love-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Drum - Blue-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Spinning Top - Red-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Puddle Duck - White-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Dollhouse - Brown-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Piano - Pink-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Block - Toys-Tannenbaum
floorplan. crate sled-Tannenbaum
- Kalopsia - Santa's Bag of Toys-Tannenbaum
Kalopsia - Metal Ladder-Tannenbaum
GOOSE - holliday house rugs- Cosmopolitan

O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog- ARCADE Opens December 1st!
(Huge thank you to Damien for allowing me to blog his amazingness!)

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