Fall Can Stay Forever

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nothing makes me more happy than fall when you can open all of the winters and let the cool breeze graze your back while you are baking pumpkin everything.  Corn mazes, apple picking and everything in between makes fall my most favorite season.  Now where can I move to have that all of the time?  Time to contemplate!  I have some amazing items that I am showcasing and will link them below!  Enjoy.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] My Daydream Garden Shed

Jian :: Down on the Ranch - Stone Wall Fence Half (SPONSOR ♥)
Jian - Birdy (Robin)

[PM]Pixel Mode - Lighted Bush - A

dust bunny & tenshi . pumpkin stack- Arcade

{what next} Autumn Leaves Garland- 50L Friday get it quick!

Kalopsia - Maple Chair- Tres Chic
Kalopsia - Maple Chair - Decor- Tres Chic
Kalopsia - Maple Bed - PG- Tres Chic
Kalopsia - Maple Rugs- Tres Chic
Kalopsia - Maple Wall Lace- Tres Chic

Kalopsia - Deer Deco - Trees- 50L Friday get it quick!

+Half-Deer+ Scattered Acorns - Bright - Long Group- 50L Friday get it quick!

[Black Bantam] Sleeping Baby Chipmunk - Snow- Kawaii project

{vespertine}- villa birdhouse/shorter -earth- 50L Friday get it quick!

Ariskea[ Terre Automne ] Pumpkin Batch- Arcade

[ keke ] rainy day table lamp- Kustom 9

[Brixley] repurposed screen door - black- IDK
[Brixley] monogram frame
[Brixley] monogram frame w/ screen

{what next} Harvest Sign

[NO CONCEPT] antique chandelier

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